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“My husband and I are both members of Pulseology Fitness Club and have benefited tremendously from their comprehensive approach to health and fitness. The pervasive knowledge of their personal trainers and the extensive fitness equipment options provide for endless strength training and cardio exercises that maximize the results of our respective fitness goals. We have never felt better and continue to enjoy the benefits of our increased strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Pulseology provides a safe, clean, and social environment to enhance your health and fitness. We look forward to our daily workouts!”

Michelle W.

“I have been a gym-goer for over 50 years and Pulseology stands out above the rest. The attentive and personable staff really make each visit that much better. I love all the classes offered and frequently stay for multiple classes because I enjoy them so much. Where else can you go for the price and get a variety of classes with the knowledgeable trainers and instructors, in addition to the updated equipment? Most importantly, I feel that Pulseology has done everything they can to ensure the safety, cleanliness, and comfort of the members. Every time I leave the gym I feel energized, healthy, and amazing. Pulseology Fitness Club has become part of my “circle” and I make sure not to miss a workout!”

Nancy W.

“My wife and I are both extremely active and frequent members of Pulseology. We look forward to working out there every day, especially on days that we train with our amazing personal trainers. The facility is always clean, bright, and uplifting. What sets Pulseology apart from all the other gyms in the area is the friendly staff and sense of family every time we walk in the door. I walked into the gym needing to make a life change and the support, knowledge, and dedication I received from my trainer has kept me coming back every day. We are both extremely thankful to have stumbled across Pulseology and will continue our fitness journeys as part of the Pulseology Family!”


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